Saturday, June 25, 2005

Deadly Puzzles of Death.

Most of my time right now is directed at the upcoming convention of the National Puzzlers' League, which will be in my hometown of Los Angeles. I've got a few puzzle commitments that I'm struggling to wrap up, along with my mundane life.

I intended to write a post about my favorite computer puzzle game of all time, Deadly Rooms of Death, but after putting it off for a while, Ed Pegg, Jr., has beaten me to it. The article, part of his always-interesting "Math Games" column at, says most of the things I wanted to say.

Read the article, and pretend I wrote something very similar.


It is brilliant, isn't it? I've been working my way through the Palace of Puzzles, which is ingenious in its construction. I gave in and looked up the knight's tour, and I needed a hint on the rook's tour...but that "closed loop" in the southeast corner might be the hardest visual-logic puzzle I've ever done.

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