Saturday, April 02, 2005

Black and White's Anatomy.

The Kevin McCann's indispensable site has hosting a series called "Anatomy of a Crossword Construction." There are two entries so far, with promise of more to come. In the first, "Anatomy of a Record-Breaking 19-Black Square Puzzle," Manny Nosowsky talks about his record-breaking March 11 puzzle (available to subscribers). The second is "Anatomy of the 2005 ACPT Playoff Puzzle" by Byron Walden (available with all American Crossword Puzzle Tournament puzzles at their website).

It's started a something of a trend, and readers of Eric Berlin's blog were able to badger him into writing an informal anatomy of yesterday's New York Sun puzzle, "The Edge of Reason."

(Puzzles require AcrossLite, and all Anatomies contain spoilers for their respective puzzles.)


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